Welcome to Forklift Service Tojo GmbH

The company specializes in the purchase and sale of used forklift trucks and warehouse vehicles. On request we can also offer you new forklifts. Stapler-Service-Tojo GmbH is your partner for used forklifts.

Current Machines

EFG 430k GE100-440DZ

Capacity: 3000 kg
Lift height: 4400 mm
YOM: 2015
Com. Nr.: 108
Type: Electric 4-wheel forklift
Price: 15.900,00 €

TFG 316s

Capacity: 1600 kg
Lift height: 4400 mm
YOM: 2016
Com. Nr.: 110
Type: LPG Forklifts
Price: 14.900,00 €

EJE 220

Capacity: 2000 kg
Lift height: 122 mm
YOM: 2012
Com. Nr.: 104
Type: Electric Pallet Truck
Price: 3.200,00 €

E 18-02 EVO (Containerfähig)

Capacity: 1800 kg
Lift height: 2780 mm
YOM: 2015
Com. Nr.: 123
Type: Electric 3-wheel forklift
Price: 16.900,00 €